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One part sexy robot and one part aerobics instructor, 25 year old Matt Dauncey has managed to find the middle ground between music and athletics. By harnessing the power of wrestling suits, tennis sweatbands, vintage synthesizers, and electric guitar, Neighbour has tapped into an ancient power-source that has given him the capacity to conjure up frenzied dancefloors

wherever he is needed. Through a mysterious process that involves not one, but TWO gigantic crystals, the Homebreakin Records co-owner has managed to combine the raw ecstacy of the early days of disco with razor-sharp futuristic production.

His hybrid DJ / live performance tore across the continent this year, culminating in an incredible series of festival dates across western Canada, including headlining slots at Shambhala 2009, Soundwave, Bass Coast Project, Astral Harvest, and Summer Break. In addition to playing almost 100% original production and remixes, Neighbour plays live synthesizer and electric guitar alongside his legendary DJ sets, which range from no-nonsense electric funk bangers to gorgeous technicolor remixes of classic garage, disco, and house music.

Not one to be pigeonholed, Neighbour has spent the better part of the last two years collaborating with everyone in sight. Upcoming dancehall tracks with Calgary’s Ouda Ouda, boogie-raps with fellow performer MC ThinkTank, and an unbelieveable slate of remixes and original releases guarantee that as soon as you think you know that “Neighbour Sound”, it has grown into something completely different.

Some people say that dance music isn’t as fun as it used to be; then again, some people haven’t seen a grown man in a unitard shoot lazers out of his guitar far away into the night sky.


Getting her start in early 2000 has allowed Kenzie Clarke to go through many changes, and incarnations as a DJ. Her beginnings were found in the realm of Hard Dance and Tribal Techno sounds, as she made her mark on Vancouver Island as 'The Sorceress'. As time passed, Kenzie started to incorporate new types of music into her sets, which were all mixed in the moment, spontaneity being the secret to her success. A move to Vancouver Islands' hub, Victoria, pushed Kenzie further forward in the electronic music scene, allowing her to meet some of the driving forces behind the sound. Changing between Techno, Breaks, and House kept people on their toes, and kept Kenzie searching for that perfect sound that could tie it all together. On a ferry trip to Vancouver for a gig in 2004, Kenzie had the opportunity to meet and talk with Mama Miche, a fellow DJ from Victoria, and from that encounter Bitchin Beats was born. With gigs lined up into summer 2008, along with a net release of collaboration with local production wizard Thor Kell, things are looking very bright for Kenzie Clarke.


A veteran DJ of more than 10 years and longstanding successful promoter in the Vancouver Island dance community, Mykee is one of the island's most versatile and in demand artists. Through his promotion company Reliable Productions, Mykee has contributed to some of the largest and most memorable parties and DJ sets in the island's history. Packing dance floors across Vancouver Island for a decade with his high octane DJ sets and versatile musical interests, Mykee's technical skill and ability to keep the listener guessing are all part of what makes Mykee Vancouver Island's #1 Party Rocker!


Is a Victoria native with a passion for the outdoors and a deep love of House music. At the tender age of 16 Philip was driven to entertain his friends as loudly as possible. In 2002 he first discovered House music, and has spent the years since collecting an impressively diverse selection. 2012 has seen Philip explode on to the Victoria scene opening for DJs like Rennie Foster and Jesse Rose for Hush Nightclub during the Victoria Electronic Music Festival and a monthly residency at Hush. Whether a Slice of the Rockies or a Mountain of Records PhilipJ is Sure to come out on Top and he isn't afraid to Get Dirty!

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